10 reasons to subscribe

Why subscribe to LibrOTO?

By subscribing to LibrOTO you save on :

  • the purchase or leasing of a car
  • the purchase or leasing of a parking space
  • gas
  • insurance
  • registration
  • tire changes
  • regular maintenance
  • car accident repairs
  • car depreciation

Considerable savings of over $ 8,000 / year: according to the CAA, Driving Costs Calculator a compact car (Honda Civic Type) costs an average of $ 9,206 annually compared to $ 810¹on average for LibrOTO subscribers!

  1. No more appointments at the garage
  1. Cars are exclusive to residents, temperate parking in the building, no snow removal or preheating required during winter²
  1. Self-service cars are comfortable and can accommodate up to 5 passengers
  1. In some cases, access to the car via the key chip/fob of the building
  1. Reservations available 24/7
  1. No intermediary agent
  1. Energy Efficient Cars
  1. Environment friendly footprint: a shared car replaces seven private cars and frees six parking spaces³, resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the number of cars on the road1.
  1. Peace of Mind
¹ Based on the sales report of 30 September 2013 to 30 September 2014.
² In the case of a parking garage.
³ Results of the first survey on the impact of free floating car-sharing service (the case of Autolib’) conducted by the Research Office 6-t with the financial support of the Environment Agency « Agence de l’Environnement” and the control of Énergie de France, 2014.
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