Want to learn more about LibrOTO’s car-sharing service? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Please refer the Types of cars section: Types of cars

At the end of the month, you receive a detailed electronic invoice, including the credits. You generally have two (2) weeks to pay the bill.

You can pay your bill by cheque or wire (email) transfer.

Car-sharing is a new cost-effective and ecological way to own a car. LibrOTO offers three packages tailored to meet the different needs of users. Visit our section What does it cost? to see our rates.

The reservation system allows you to book the car for up to 3 consecutive days. However, you can contact us to extend your reservation for exceptional cases.

Unfortunately, our insurance covers only eligible subscribers who are 25 years or older.

We invite you to calculate travel costs depending on the chosen package using the calculation tool.

Our rates include fuel costs. All pre-approved expenses paid by the user will be credited on their monthly bill.

Of course! Choose the package that suits you most. However, some of them are more economical depending on your use. Refer to the calculation tool that will guide you to the best choice.

Yes, you should always return the vehicle to its original location.

LibrOTO is exclusive to occupants of selected buildings. Consider LibrOTO as car-sharing among neighbors. Please refer to LibrOTO exclusive car-share specifics.

Certain conditions apply for foreign driver’s license. We invite you to visit the SAAQ for further information. Contact us to assess your eligibility.

According to our policy, no penalty is charged if you cancel or modify a reservation more than a day in advance.

Reservations canceled or shortened less than 24 hours in advance incur a penalty of 50% of the time block canceled. This is to prevent overbooking abuse and loss of income incurred.

Reservations canceled or shortened after the beginning of the period of expected use result in a penalty of 80% of the time block canceled.

Subscribers are therefore encouraged to free the vehicle for the next user in case they finish their travel ahead of time and benefit of a possible 20% return.

You may terminate your contract at any time after the minimum period of one year, upon a 60 day written notice.

The car is insured only in the province of Quebec. It is therefore strictly forbidden to travel outside the territory.

Our current system only allows booking reservations for a minimum of one hour.

Each car is generally shared by 20 users which is a general standard for the car-sharing industry. The supply is therefore adjusted to demand.

Please refer the membership criteria section: How to join?.

Yes, all our prices include car insurance costs.

You can reserve a vehicle up to 60 days in advance.

Subscribers are responsible for booking enough time including unexpected events. However, we understand that “incidents” may occur. The reservation system could be accessed via a smart phone or by calling 514-742-6200. If the vehicle is available, then normal rates are applicable without extra charge. Otherwise, the car must be returned as soon as possible with the risk of incurring a penalty (see the contract) in order to avoid delays to the next user’s travel.
This amount is a deposit which represents the contribution of the subscriber to use the car. It is $ 500 for an individual subscription ($ 750 for a family) and payable one (1) time. This amount is refundable upon termination after a minimum period of one (1) year. There is no membership fee for “Occasional user” subscribers.