New per-kilometer rate

When you use the vehicle for more than 150 km, you can benefit from an advantageous rate of $ 0.15/km. Perfect for longer trips!


A “Heavy User” subscriber books the LibrOTO car on Tuesday from 12:00 pm to 5:59 pm and travels 200 km.
The subscriber will be billed¹ the following :

  • 5h x $1,99/h (hourly rate)
  • 1h x $2,25/h (hourly rate from Mon. to Wed. – Rush hour)
  • 150 km x $0,25/km (Regular per-kilometer rate)
  • 50 km x $0,15/km (New per-kilometer rate)

For a total of $57.20 which represents more than 8% savings compared to the old rates!

¹GST and PST not included
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